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What is the Feelings Book?

Due to the popular demand of children and families serviced by Communication Crossroads as well as the participants of our educational workshops, we have made our Feelings Book available for purchase.

The Feelings Book was designed to provide an easy to use format for fostering the “Three “E’s,” otherwise referred to as:

Emotional identification,

Emotional understanding,

Emotional regulation

In contemporary literature on child development, a child’s mastery of the “Three ‘E’s” is highlighted as being essential for his or her ability to actively participate and adapt to the demands of different social partners and different social settings. These capacities are often challenging for children with social learning disabilities, social-emotional vulnerabilities, and children with regulatory challenges. With the Feelings Book, children are provided with a simple visual tool for:

(a) selecting and expressing one’s emotional state, (b) considering the intensity of that emotion, and (c) comparing the emotional event to other events that evoked a similar reaction. Additionally, children are provided with an easy reference guide for (d) selecting appropriate coping strategies that coincide with their ever changing emotional states.In our clinical therapy sessions and social skills groups, we have implemented these visual supports with great success, as each tool can be individualized to the child’s unique needs as well as a family’s preferences in regards to coping strategies that match the expectations of their household and culture.

Who inspired the development of the Feeling Books?

In addition to our own clinical experiences, our work is strongly influenced by Dr. Tony Attwood and Carol Gray, who have both provided great insight into the development of learning supports and accommodations for children and adolescents with social learning disabilities. If you are interested in learning more about these professionals, several of their publications and resources are highlighted on our Helpful Resouces; Books & Materials page.

Who can use the Feelings Book?

The Feelings Book is appropriate for any child who has difficulty with emotional identification, understanding, and regulation. It is most suitable for children in the elementary school years. Additionally, children who have difficulty expressing their emotions in appropriate ways may also benefit from intervention guided by the Feelings Book. Before using this support, a child should already have a basic vocabulary of emotion words, reading skills at the 1st grade level or above, and basic drawing or writing skills (or a caregiver willing to take dictation).

How do children use the Feelings Book?

With our Feelings Book, a child may learn to identify and/or express his or her emotions using a broader range of emotional vocabulary. In this particular book, we have included the following emotions: happy, silly, sad, embarrassed, bored, scared, frustrated, and mad.

In order to foster a sense of emotional understanding, children are then encouraged to write about new events that can be associated with a particular emotional state and determine the intensity of their emotional reaction on an emotion meter. Lastly, with our Feelings Book, a child is encouraged to learn about emotional regulation by recognizing socially appropriate coping strategies for reacting to an event depending upon the context and intensity of his or her emotional state. Although example coping strategies are offered for each child, it should be noted that each child, family, and educational team is encouraged to add unique and individualized coping strategies for emotional regulation. Samples included in the current Feelings Book include, but are not limited to, requesting an opportunity for a retreat to a quiet place, requesting to go for a walk, and requesting for a hug from a familiar social partner.

Who created the Feelings Book?

Authors: Emily Rubin, MS, CCC-SLP & Amy Laurent, Ed.M., OTR/L Graphic Design: Monique Mikrut, M.S.

What is included in a Feelings Book Kit?

Each Feelings Book Kit includes the following items:

A Feelings Book, a 17 page book, laminated for durability and easy use,

A dry erase marker, and

Step-by-Step; Lessons for Implementing the Feelings Book, a guide providing support for fostering the “Three E’s.”

If you would like to order the Feelings Book Kit contact us as store@commxroads.com